Proponent wants ‘car-brand coding’ implemented on national level

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by Leandre Grecia | Sep 2, 2019
PHOTO: Ramon Velasquez (from Wikimedia Commons)

We know a lot of our readers weren’t quite fond of the proposed ‘car-brand coding’ scheme that surfaced last week—it only takes a quick browse through our Facebook page to see that. But then again, we still took the chance and had a quick chat with the person behind this proposal himself: Ariston Gorospe.

As mentioned in our previous story, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had sent an invite for a meeting with Gorospe earlier today. In our brief interview with him, we learned that Gorospe is also suggesting that his proposed coding scheme be implemented not just on EDSA, but on a national level. “National Capital Region muna, then we go (on a national scale). Kasi affected na rin ang Cebu, at ang Baguio, Cavite, at Pampanga, hindi ba?” he said.

Regarding the proposed policy’s potential implementation in Metro Manila, we also found out that Gorospe wants his proposed policy as an addition to the existing number-coding scheme and not as a replacement. This, he reasoned, will surely result in significantly fewer vehicles on EDSA.

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Meanwhile, MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago said that the agency remains open to suggestions from the public: “Gusto lang namin ipakita that our agency is always open to different suggestions from different groups of people—lahat yan ay welcome po dito. Ang nire-request lang po sana namin ay sana backed up yun ng sarili nilang research and data.”

She assured that the agency will look into Gorospe’s proposal just like it did with the one-way traffic scheme on EDSA and C5 that was also presented in a briefing just last week. These proposals will be forwarded to the MMDA’s engineering department and will be discussed internally with the agency’s consultants.

Do you think the implementation of the car-brand coding scheme on a larger scale is feasible?

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PHOTO: Ramon Velasquez (from Wikimedia Commons)
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