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MRT-3 prototype train

When the Department of Transportation and Communications recently announced a new and modern "tap-and-go" ticketing system for the LRT-2, people complained that the light-rail transit service needed more trains, not a high-tech ticketing process.

The public will have less to complain about when it comes to the MRT-3, because DOTC has just announced that the first prototype of the new batch of trains being manufactured in Dalian, China, will be ready for shipment on July 29. Last month, we reported that DOTC had placed an order for 48 brand-new train cars.

According to DOTC, "the project implementation team is currently going through a checklist with Dalian Locomotive to ensure that the prototype train is compliant with the technical components and specifications of the train coaches. During their last visit in June, the team approved Dalian Locomotive’s choice of better traction motors which incorporate alternating current technology. This will result in lesser maintenance requirements in the future."

The DOTC announcement added that "with shipment scheduled to push through on July 29, the prototype is expected to arrive at the Port of Manila within the week of August 10-14."

Dynamic testing of the prototype train is slated for mid-November.

Let's hope these new trains will help solve the recent passenger-capacity issues of the MRT.

Photos from DOTC


MRT-3 prototype train

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