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Grab: Effect of ‘TNVS Holiday’ on operations was minimal

PHOTO: Leandre Mari Grecia

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Even with a ‘TNVS Holiday’ held by various ride-hailing groups yesterday, July 8, Grab says fares and driver allocations remained relatively normal.

In a statement, the country’s largest ride-hailing platform said that it did not observe “extraordinary difficulties” during the TNVS holiday, adding that passengers were “served well” while the protest was ongoing.

“We thank our TNVS partners for upholding the riding public’s interests above their own,” Grab Philippines public affairs manager Atty. Jenicka Hosaka said in the statement. “Despite TNVS transport holiday initiated by some groups, we have not seen extraordinary difficulties in getting rides today.

“Passenger booking requests were served well through efforts by TNVS drivers all over Metro Manila.”

While Grab says it acknowledges the plight of ride-hailing drivers, it stressed that dialogue with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is needed to address their concerns and come up with a solution.

“Grab, too, has a number of concerns which it has brought to the attention of the LTFRB.  We will continue to keenly monitor discussions as the common goal is to address process issues,” Hosaka said.

Yesterday’s TNVS holiday lasted from 6am to 6pm, and was held in protest of the LTFRB’s application process for new TNVS units—which groups describe as slow and inconsistent—and the agency’s reluctance to allow hatchback TNVS units.

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PHOTO: Leandre Mari Grecia
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