The LTFRB office is now open again for transactions you can’t do online

The facility was shut last week
by Clara Rosales | Jul 21, 2020

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said its central office resumed operations last Monday, July 20, for transactions that can’t be done online. The facility was closed last week after several employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

Health guidelines and protocols will be strictly enforced to prevent the spread of the virus. Employees and clients will be required to wear face masks at all times, sanitize frequently, and observe proper social distance. The office will also be disinfected frequently.

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The office will accept face-to-face clients, but online applications and transactions are encouraged. The following processes can be done online:

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  1. Request for special permit
  2. Correction of typographical error
  3. Request for confirmation of unit/s
  4. Request for franchise verification
  5. Request for issuance or extension provisional authority
  6. Legal concerns/query on hearing schedule, status

If you’re planning on transacting online, the LTFRB has more details and instructions on their Facebook page. The LTFRB’s Public Transport Online Processing System can also be found on the LTFRB's website.

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