LTO: QR codes on new RFID license plate safe, contain no sensitive info

Is this a data privacy risk?
by Drei Laurel | Nov 22, 2019

In case you’re wondering if the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) new RFID license plates opens the doors for a potential breach in privacy, the agency says the answer is ‘no.’

According to the LTO, the QR codes on the new RFID license plates only contain details about the vehicle, not sensitive personal information about the owner.

It added that the information is stored to expedite the verification process, allowing law enforcement to look up vehicle details without requesting for LTO assistance.

Furthermore, only authorized gadgets will be able to read the code, the LTO says.

Below are the contents one will find stored inside the QR code:

LTO license plate QR code

  1. Vehicle make
  2. Plate number
  3. Vehicle color
  4. Valid from/valid to
  5. VIN/chassis number
  6. Engine number
  7. MV file number
  8. Serial number of first plate
  9. Serial number of second plate

So yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s anything alarming stored in the QR code. Below are the contents of the LTO license sticker’s RFID chip, in case you’re wondering:

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LTO license plate RFID chip

  1. Name of the registered owner
  2. Address of owner
  3. Vehicle make
  4. Plate number
  5. Vehicle color
  6. Valid from/valid to
  7. VIN/chassis number
  8. Engine number
  9. MV file number
  10. Serial number of first plate
  11. Serial number of second plate
  12. DAID
  13. CID
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The LTO says it fully abides by Republic Act No. 10173, better known as the Philippine Data Privacy Act. Do you feel safe driving around with the agency’s new RFID license plate?

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