The MMDA actually got all of EDSA’s public buses to fall in line

Is this the real life?
by Drei Laurel | Mar 12, 2019
PHOTO: Bong Nebrija

So apparently, public buses can fall in line along EDSA, and all it takes is a little patience from those behind the wheel, a tough-as-nails Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) commander, and a handful of enforcers to keep the situation in check.

MMDA special operations commander Bong Nebrija—who of late has developed quite a reputation for himself, thanks to his strict, no-nonsense approach toward enforcing Manila’s traffic laws—recently took to social media to share what can only be described as a miracle: Public buses plying the nation’s busiest thoroughfare and actually staying in their lane.

The clips in video shared by Nebrija (please click/tap the Facebook logo on the post to see the videos) were captured yesterday morning along different parts of EDSA, with one clip showing buses traveling from Timog Avenue to Santolan in a slow but organized fashion.

More impressively, the MMDA was able to enforce the ‘Yellow Lane Rule’ despite several stretches of the highway without lane markings to keep things orderly.

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“In fairness to the number of buses. As long as everybody is on board with our policies that we can all make a difference. Watch this!” Nebrija said in one of his posts. The secret to achieving some semblance of order on the road? According to Nebrija, it’s three things: Discipline, road courtesy, and knowing all of us have a role to play.

While many netizens were quick to laud the MMDA’s actions, some questioned the move, saying the agency should prioritize commuters who take public transportation over motorists who drive private vehicles. What’s your opinion on the matter?

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PHOTO: Bong Nebrija
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