NAIAX monitoring devices will show everyone if you’re over the speed limit

by Drei Laurel | Jan 9, 2020
PHOTO: Pinoy Joyride

The NAIA Expressway (NAIAX) isn’t just an extremely convenient way to make it to your flight—it’s also one of finest, smoothest stretches of asphalt you can drive on within Metro Manila.

That said, it’s easy for motorists to get carried away with the accelerator while driving here. If you’ve made a habit out of testing your car’s limits on NAIAX, keep in mind that expressway management has cameras in place to keep tabs on your speed.

To remind motorists that they’re being monitored as well as to make them aware of their actual speed, NAIAX has installed displays that show drivers how fast they’re going. These displays are placed above each lane and show each passing vehicle’s speed in kilometers per hour. Check out this post by the Pinoy Joyride Facebook page:

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Whenever you’re being too heavy on the go-pedal, the display will also show your speed in red, to warn you that you’re going over the NAIAX speed limit. If you’re driving within the limit, it will show your speed in green.

If public shaming isn’t enough of a deterrent, this story from June 2019 about NAIAX’s speed monitoring system will show you just how clear the expressway’s cameras are.

So again, do not use NAIAX—or any expressway for that matter—as a proving ground for your stupidity car’s capabilities. Remember: You have eyes on you.

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PHOTO: Pinoy Joyride
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