Netizens react to taxi group's call for end to Uber, Grab operations

Reactions favored one side
by Drei Laurel | Mar 31, 2017

Two days ago, we shared a report regarding a transport group that held protests outside the Land Transportation Regulatory Board. Drivers Unite for Mass Progress and Equal Rights members called for an end to Uber and Grab operations in the Philippines. Their reason? Declining profits due to stiff competition from the two TNCs.

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Our Facebook post garnered tons of attention—over 880 comments, actually. The story even made it to the number one spot on our website in terms of views. Most of that activity on social media revolved around one thought: Whose fault is it that taxis are losing customers? The answers probably won't surprise you. Here's what people had to say about the transport group's plight.

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Jear Bagus: "Well, kung hindi sila namimili ng pasahero, kung hindi sila nangdadaya sa metro, kung hindi sila nananaga sa presyo, tingin ba nila pupunta sa ride-sharing apps ang mga commuters?"

Hans Peta: "Ako dating taxi driver. Ngayon dalawa na unit ko sa taxi almost six years na rin. Yung isa, ako nagdadala, yung isa pinapaboundary ko. Ilan na rin ang kamag anak ko gusto mag-drive ng taxi ko, pero hindi ko sila tinanggap dahil alam ko nangongontrata sila. Pag alam ko hindi maayos ang driver, tanggal agad. Isa sa dahilan bakit nangongontrata ang taxi driver dahil may bisyo sila like drugs, babae at sugal. Isa yan sa dahilan. Six years na ako halos sa taxi, kahit isang pasahero wala akong hiningan kahit plus peso."

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Brian Dale: "Grab is straight from point A to point B, no questions asked, no preposterous offers, cheaper. Taxis mean choosy, kontrata, moody etc. Obvious choice?"

Vin Sy: "Walang karapatan magalit mga taxi driver na wala sa ayos dahil kayo rin may kagagawan niyan. Puro tanong, puro kontrata, puro reklamo, nagpapadagdag—kagagawan n'yo rin yan kaya kayo nawawalan ng pasahero. Pati mga matinong taxi driver nadadamay sa kalokohan nyo. Dahil kung maganda serbisyo nyo hindi dadami pasahero ng Grab and Uber. Kaya maraming salamat Grab and Uber. Kaya LTFRB, 'wag niyo pakialaman ang Grab and Uber at ayusin niyo problema sa serbisyo ng taxi dito sa Pilipinas. Ang sama!"

Ferdinand Santos: "Loko mga taxi drivers, kaya people will opt to Uber or Grab. Next should be the jeepney and bus na magkaroon ng competition. I think Filipinos deserve a better way of transportation."

Jay Galasinao: "Salbahe din kasi karamihan sa mga taxi driver na iyan, madudugas pa! Kaya pinipili na lang ng mga tao ang Uber at Grab. Dito, takot mga driver na manalbahe."

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Franc Rnrs:  "Grab/Uber. Time to innovate. Grab and Uber is very convenient. If we have complaints against the driver, Grab/Uber is quick to take action. Compared to taxis, what will happen if we report their arrogance, greediness, etc.? Nothing. We feel safer with these transport apps. Everything is recorded, while with taxis, you may have the plate pero di mo alam kambal-plaka pala."

Kurt Alvarez: "Bakit ka naman sasakay ng taxi na alam mo naman na namimili ng pasahero, namimili ng lugar, madaya sa metro, nangongontrata, nagpapadagdag, arogante sa pasahero? Minsan request ka lang na lakasan aircon nagagalit, pag minalas ka pa hoholdapin ka pa. Buti na lang wala na yung naglalagay ng chemical sa aircon para mahilo yung mga babaeng pasahero para ma-rape nila... although di naman lahat kasi may five out of 100 pa din naman na maaayos na taxi driver!"

Michaella Recto: "Sorry, but many taxi drivers choose passengers during rush hour! And then they complain all the way through traffic. May bastos pa na driver until your destination. Then their taxis aren't maintained! Cockroaches, no seat belts at the back, seat covers that are coming off... If someone is going to charge me over P300 to get to the destination, Uber or Grab na lang! At least, I'm safe, it's clean and it comes to me, rather than having to stand in a taxi line."

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Stosh Berganos: "Makes no sense. Many of the taxis are also Grab taxis. Also, many of the Grab non-taxi drivers are actually professional drivers that work for a taxi company who owns unmarked vehicles. Anyways, if they want the business, they need to upgrade their vehicles and stop denying or being selective about driving people through traffic areas."


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