NLEX to undergo pavement repair and toll system enhancement until April 18

by Drei Laurel | Apr 12, 2021
PHOTO: NLEX Corporation

Need to take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) heading out of town over the next couple of days? You might want to make adjustments to your route and schedule, as the NLEX Corporation has announced lane and toll-lane closures to make way for system enhancement and maintenance works.

Starting today, the following toll lanes will be temporarily closed due to toll system enhancement. Be sure to check out the image below the list so you’re aware of exactly which lanes to avoid, too.

NLEX toll-lane closures

April 12

  1. Dinalupihan Exit X02

April 13 to 15

  1. Subic Freeport Expressway (SFEX) O02
  2. Tipo Exit X02
  3. Floridablanca Exit X02

April 17 to 18

  1. Pulilan Southbound Exit X02
  2. San Fernando Northbound Exit X02
  3. Mexico Exit X03
  4. Dau Interchange Southbound Exit X02

List of Toll Lanes Closed During the NLEX Pavement Repairs


Lane closures on the expressway itself due to pavement repairs should be expected in the following areas:

  1. Apalit Southbound (Km 48+500 to 47+460) – middle lane, April 12 from 8am to 11:59pm
  2. Apalit Southbound (Km 47+900 to 46+900) – rightmost lane, April 13 from 8am to 11:59pm
  3. Apalit Southbound (Km 46+900 to 46+460) – rightmost lane, April 14 from 8am to 11:59pm
  4. Apalit Northbound (Km 55+020 to 55+728) – rightmost lane, April 15 from 8am to 11:59pm
  5. Santa Ines Southbound (Km 88+300 to 87+300) – middle lane, April 17 from 8am to 11:59pm

Maintenance Schedule at NLEX from April 12 - 17 2021

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Again, please just forget about grabbing your car keys if there isn’t any urgent reason for you to be out. Stay home and stay safe unless absolutely necessary.

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PHOTO: NLEX Corporation
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