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You can now load your Beep card with an app using PayMaya

PHOTO: PayMaya

It looks like Beep card users are going to have an easier time topping up their cards for their daily commute.

PayMaya and Beep card operator AF Payments have teamed up to provide Filipinos with a more convenient way to pay for their trips on the MRT-3 and select bus lines: Using your PayMaya account.

There are just a few simple steps you need to get through if you want to use PayMaya on the Beep app to reload your card. Look:

Load your Beep card with PayMaya

  1. Register your Beep card on the smartphone app
  2. Select ‘Buy Beep Load’
  3. Enter your desired load amount and press ‘Continue’
  4. At the checkout page, choose ‘Pay with PayMaya’ as the payment method
  5. Log in to your PayMaya account
  6. Enter the one-time PIN sent to your registered mobile number to confirm the transaction
  7. Other payment options include Visa, Mastercard, and JCB card, or other e-wallet services

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“We all deserve a better commuting experience, and one way to improve it is through FinTech. Through, PayMaya's enterprise solutions, we have expanded the payment options available to beep app users. At the same time, we are promoting safer and more convenient digital transactions,” PayMaya president Shailesh Baidwan said in a statement.

Simple enough instructions to follow, right? Are you planning to use PayMaya to fund your commutes from now on?

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PHOTO: PayMaya
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