QC government: Tricycles permitted to operate under modified ECQ

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by Sharleen Banzon | May 15, 2020
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Ahead of Metro Manila’s shift tomorrow, May 16, 2020, to a modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), the Quezon City local government has released the corresponding guidelines for transport, travel, and business operations in the locality.

Of note, public transport remains suspended in the city except for tricycles. Tricycles may operated under the modified ECQ subject to the following rules, which may be further supplemented by guidelines issued by the Tricycle Franchising Board and the Tricycle Regulatory Division:

  1. Only one passenger is allowed.
  2. ‘Backriding’ is not permitted.
  3. A transport barrier must be installed between the unit’s motorcycle and sidecar.
  4. Both driver and passenger must wear face masks, gloves, etc.
  5. Each unit must be regularly disinfected.

The official document also states that “the city may consider adjusting the current fare matrix and issuing additional guidelines.”

Businesses that are allowed to operate may have point-to-point private transport services or shuttles for their employees, or hire public utility jeepneys, buses, or high-occupancy vehicles for this purpose, provided that social distancing is observed by passengers at all times. The local government’s ‘Libreng Sakay’ program may also expand its services to accommodate residents traveling to and from permitted establishments.

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As an additional safety measure, the guidelines state that drivers of allowed transport services “are encouraged to have themselves tested at the City’s community-based testing center.”

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Barangays, meanwhile, are tasked to provide free bicycle parking, and residents are encouraged to use bicycles as an alternative mode of transport to nearby areas or as last-mile transport to farther destinations.

As for travel into and out of Quezon City, the following rules are given, subject to additional guidelines from the Department of Public Order and Safety and the Office of the City Administrator:

  1. “A person traveling into Quezon City should be able to present proof of a legitimate non-leisure reason for being in the City, such as a company ID of a permitted establishment, or ID showing a residence address in the City. Alternatively, national government-issued passes such as the IATF-Authorized Person Outside Residence pass shall be honored.”
  2. “Generally, the City shall not require persons leaving the City to obtain any pass (except for areas under extreme quarantine/special concern lockdown). However, if the destination LGU requires a certification from the City, the concerned persons may request the certification from the Office of the City administrator.”
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For the complete guidelines, check out the official Facebook post of the Quezon City Government below:

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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