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by TopGear.com.ph | Aug 6, 2021
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is officially back in Metro Manila and other parts of the country as of this writing. With that, a number of quarantine control points are also back up and running in several parts of the capital and the country.

And as many of you know, traffic buildup at these checkpoints is nothing new. Remember the sea of riders that flooded a checkpoint at the Cavite-Manila border at the start of this pandemic? We wouldn’t be surprised if that sort of thing happened again. 

Now, we reckon many of our readers have had their fair share of good, bad, or interesting experiences at these checkpoints throughout this pandemic, so we took to social media to ask you guys for feedback. Unsurprisingly, we got rather interesting answers. You can read more of them below:

I was on my way to transfer a patient to JPG Cabanatuan. We were flagged down at a checkpoint somewhere in Talavera and [were] told to return to Bulacan. What the heck, there was already proper coordination between hospitals but the hold took us one hour, If it wasn’t only that we needed to perform CPR on our dying patient, we wouldn't have been released. This was last year but the deja vus linger forever.” - Mangunay Norvin

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I’m on on-call emergency medical duty and was asking Mr. Policemen if we could enter ahead. I already presented my PRC and company IDs, but still, we were [held up] and told to wait for our turn. From a 16-hour duty then on the way to an on-call duty, overstressed with a checkpoint. They were looking for OR/CR and licenses, but not at the health of the persons passing by. Hoping they would have improved this time now...” - Niña Iris Ramos Dg

There should be at least someone who has a medical background in every quarantine checkpoint. I remember last New Year we celebrated in Antipolo then in the morning when we were driving back home we noticed a long line of motorcycles along Marcos Highway. For the quarantine checkpoint then, you just had to show if you have a license to get through and that’s it. I don’t know how they will resolve this pandemic through quarantine checkpoints, I think it’s complete BS.” - Zeke Villena

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Weird, because some of the checkpoints aren’t strict, and as people commented, mostly motorbikes are being questioned for whatever reason.” - Iñigo Marzen Espeleta

When on my motorcycle, they would stop me and ask for OR/CR and license every time, never any questions to do with COVID. When driving my car, they always just wave it through. It’s pretty obvious they are only targeting motorcycles and it has nothing to do with COVID. It’s also pretty hard to tell if it’s the military or PNP anymore. Apparently, the best way to fight covid is fully armed and in full military fatigues. *shrug emoji*” - Derek Harrison

“Madami na namang mag-sisilabasang SPO10 GENERAL TANOD mas mahigpit pa sa mga pulis. *beaming face with smiling eyes emoji*” - Edsan Ramirez

Some were polite, some were not. Some asked for driver’s license and OR/CR some asked for Company ID and COE. Some will just let you pass. The PNP, military, traffic enforcers and tanod should know the proper execution of a checkpoint. Plus they need to be [in sync] with everyone to avoid confusion. In my opinion, DISCIPLINE and RESPECT should start from within, it doesn’t matter if you’re a front liner or a commuter or a driver or just a simple citizen. We created our own demons and monsters. We can end this by.... DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT.” - Randall Raines

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I was stopped at the checkpoint, so I opened my window and politely showed the Police my ID. He smiled and gave his salute.” - Toto Ryan

I was flagged for passing a ‘checkpoint’ with no mobile w/ blinkers on and a lone sitting officer (common ’yung mga barikada na wala namang bantay along Quezon-Bicol aside from quarantine checkpoints like Del Gallego). [I] was interrogated ba’t daw ’di ako tumigil sa checkpoint. Duh, as if may pumara sa’kin upon approaching.” - Sven Llover

Military Personnel are more courteous than the PNP.” - Francis Fernando

AFP personnel are much more polite than PNP at checkpoints.” - Jan Alcantara

Daanghari checkpoint (near Evia-Verdana). Queued around 12nn, got past the checkpoint 630pm.” - Iyan Manzano

“Mas madaling pakiusapan ang military kesa PNP, prove me wrong. Magalang pa [at] mahinahon magtanong, [tapos] mga pulis kung maka-interrogate akala mo may nagawa ka nang krimen. Hindi lahat, pero mostly based on experience” - Nadzman Baguinda Hassan

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Checkpoint causes traffic, pleases change to other kind of method, IATF.” - Sabellano Che Judy

Hehe sinabihan kaming may dalang virus kasi sa hospital daw kami galing kaya dapat pababain lahat kasi carrier daw kami. *cry-laugh emoji* Eh dapat hindi kami hinarang since confirmed naman na HCW kami. *cry-laugh emoji* Hay nako manong tanod, sumobra ang nahithit na tapang.” - Mabs B. Jagmis

They don’t have any clue what SPASS is. Pinost pa naman ng local PNP nila na travelers can use SPASS when passing through checkpoints.” - Ralph Capariño

“Hinanap po OR at CR ko. Nung ipakita, ko ligtas na daw ako sa COVID.” - Verlon Slfu Enriquez

Have anything to share yourself? The comments section is still open, folks. You can also see the original post will all of the responses below.

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