Senate bill could bring 'no garage, no car' policy to PH

Other countries already practice this
by Drei Laurel | Sep 30, 2016

Senate bill could bring 'no garage, no car' policy to PH

Cars…cars everywhere. The Philippine auto industry is on a roll, with dealerships sprouting up left and right, and vehicle sales is expected to rise even further over the coming years. Proper parking spaces, on the other hand? Well, that's a different story.

This is a situation Senator Joel Villanueva hopes to change with his filing of Senate Bill 1165: An Act Requiring Parking Spaces From Motor Vehicle Buyers In Metropolitan Areas As A Pre-Requisite For The Purchase Of A Motor Vehicle And Registration With The Land Transportation Office (LTO), otherwise known as the No Garage, No Car Act of 2016.

In essence, the bill hopes to alleviate the worsening traffic situation in cities like Metro Manila, Baguio City, Cebu City, Olongapo City and Davao City, by requiring potential car owners to execute an affidavit "attesting to the availability of a permanent parking space or facility" for the vehicle the buyer intends to purchase. Said affidavit must also be presented to the LTO as a new registration requirement. The LTO, MMDA, Metropolitan coordinating council and LGU engineering office will be responsible for its strict implementation via "periodic ocular inspection."

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Concerned individuals may also report parked cars obstruction pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic to the aforementioned government agencies. The hope is that this will discourage car owners from parking their vehicles along roadsides, on sidewalks and the like. If properly implemented, there's a good chance this could work.

Anyone found to be making "untrue claims" for the sake of complying with the requirement will have their vehicle registration revoked, be suspended from registering for a period of three years, and face a P50,000 fine for each provision of the act violated. Meanwhile, LTO personnel found guilty of knowingly allowing registration without the necessary documents face a three-month suspension without pay. Yikes.

You can read the Bill 1165 in its entirety here. The last line above Senator Villanueva's signature reads: "Immediate passage of this bill is of utmost importance." Do you agree with the senator?


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