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DPWH opens Sibut Bridge in Nueva Ecija to motorists


Mega projects like the recently completed Skyway Stage 3 are nice, but larger pieces of infrastructure won’t mean much if the thoroughfares surrounding them don’t receive attention as well. In this case, it looks like the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is working to keep all bases covered.

The agency has just announced that Sibut Bridge in Rizal, Nueva Ecija, is now open to the public. The bridge cost a total of P240 million to build, spans 240 meters, and is expected to shorten travel time from San Jose City to Rizal.

In a statement, DPWH head Mark Villar shared that prior to Sibut Bridge’s completion, motorists would have to travel for an hour and 15 minutes to and from Rizal to San Jose City. This was because the previous structure was dilapidated and cars would need to be rerouted whenever the area experienced inclement weather.

Now? It takes just 30 minutes.

“Now that the Sibut Bridge is open to all types of vehicles, it should help spur the local economy and provide ease of travel between San Jose City and the town of Rizal here in Nueva Ecija,” Villar said. “Good news is that through this bridge, travel time is now cut to only 30 minutes.”

Frankly, that stretch of road looks like an ideal place to take some panning shots, too. Anyone here who plans on trying this out soon?

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