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A drone’s view of the roadwork causing the current SLEX traffic

Last week’s heavy traffic along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) made headlines and broke social media when thousands of motorists and commuters found themselves helplessly crawling toward Metro Manila for hours on end. The culprit was none other than the Skyway Extension Project which commenced construction only recently.

Of course, if you passed by the area, then you saw for yourself the lane closure that caused the standstill traffic. But if you want a much better look at the current status of the project, then you’ll need a better view—from a drone’s perspective, perhaps.

Luckily for all of us, our guy dmitrivalencia—the resident YouTuber who documented the Skyway Stage 3 Project updates a while back—took the liberty of capturing footage of the ongoing work along SLEX. Click play on the embedded video above to check out the content.

Skyway O&M Corp. (SOMCO) made a statement only recently about how the heavy traffic is expected to improve come November once the closed-off lane has been reopened. When that happens, expect another update from us; by then, you’ll have this video for comparison. In the meantime, watch this space.

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PHOTO: dmitrivalencia (from YouTube)
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