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Would you pay P274 one-way to use the Skyway Stage 3 daily?

PHOTO: Sharleen Banzon

Have you tried out the newly opened Skyway Stage 3 already? If yes, then you’re aware that San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has granted motorists toll-free passage through this portion of the expressway until January 29, 2021.

Now, if you’re looking to drive through this toll road, chances are you also have the same question a lot of motorists have been asking over the past few days: “How much will the toll fees be?”

The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) recently published on its website a document containing the proposed toll fees along this new elevated tollway. According to the said document, the toll rates will range from P110 to P274, inclusive of VAT. Motorists who enter through the Buendia on-ramp and exit via Quirino, for example, will be charged P110. Meanwhile, those who use the same Buendia entry point and exit via Quezon Avenue or use the full length of the Skyway Stage 3 will be charged P274.

For a better look, check out the TRB’s table below.

CCEC–Skyway Stage 3 proposed toll-rate matrix (VAT-inclusive)


ENTRY/EXIT Quirino Plaza Azul Quezon Avenue Sergeant Rivera–A. Bonifacio A. Bonifacio–Balintawak NLEX
Buendia P110 P110 P274* P274 P274 P274*
Quirino - P110 P274 P274 P274 P274
Plaza Azul - - P274 P274 P274 P274
E. Rodriguez - - P133 P133 P133 P133
Quezon Avenue - - - P133 P133 P133*


ENTRY/EXIT A. Bonifacio–Sergeant Rivera Quezon Avenue E. Rodriguez Plaza Azul Plaza Dilao Buendia
NLEX P133 P110 P133 P274 P274 P274*
Balintawak–A. Bonifacio P133 P110 P133 P274 P274 P274
A. Bonifacio–Sergeant Rivera - - P133 P274 P274 P274
Quezon Avenue - - P133 P274 P274 P274*
Plaza Dilao - - - - - P110*
Quirino - - - - - P110

*available ramps as of December 2020

Take note that these are just the proposed toll fees, so nothing is official yet as of this writing. That said, passage through Skyway hasn’t always been cheap, so this is a good ballpark figure of just how much we’ll have to pay for quicker travel through the metro.

What’s your take on the potential toll rates for Skyway Stage 3? Do you think the rates are fair enough? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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PHOTO: Sharleen Banzon
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