Smart to provide Uber vehicles with in-car Wi-Fi

Among other perks
by Tracy Carpena | Sep 9, 2015

Smart-Uber partnership

Two to four hours--these are the most popular answers to our recent poll asking Metro Manila motorists the amount of time they spend in traffic. More than 29% of the respondents say they devote two hours every day just to get to and back from work, sitting patiently in gridlock. For some, two hours is enough to run a half marathon distance of 21km.

For motorists who use Uber, two hours in traffic may be spent on something more productive than staring at a pair of taillights. Thanks to the partnership of Smart Communications and Uber Manila, all Uber Black vehicles are now equipped with in-car Wi-Fi.

What about the regular Uber cars? According to Uber Manila general manager Laurence Cua, the wireless computer networking technology will be available on all Uber vehicles in the next few months.

Now, the partnership doesn't end with just Internet connectivity.

We sat down with Cua and Smart Communications vice president for brand strategy and communications Carlo Endaya, and they revealed what else is in store for Uber users and Smart subscribers. (Below are the Twitter videos, which are excerpts from our Periscope broadcast.)

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"We're providing two free rides to all Smart subscribers who are first-time Uber users starting today until September 30," Endaya said. Up to P300's worth of rides are free. Special promos and discounts will be offered to Uber riders subscribed to Smart. All smartphones availed with a Smart postpaid subscription will now have the Uber mobile app installed.

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And because Uber Manila values its operators, its drivers get to benefit from the partnership, too. Exclusive packages, bundles and add-ons are offered to Uber drivers so they can maximize voice and data usage. Smart SIM cards, handset and tablets are made available to all accredited drivers via an Uber e-commerce store.

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