You can be suspended from using Grab if you keep canceling trips

Think twice
by Drei Laurel | Nov 26, 2018
PHOTO: Drei Laurel

Have you made a habit out of canceling your Grab bookings because a) the driver is too far away, b) your ride is taking too long to arrive, or c) you just feel like it? If yes, you might want to change your ways because you can end up getting suspended from using the  app.

Grab Philippines has announced that it will now be suspending riders with a penchant for ditching bookings too often. The ride-hailing giant says the move comes in a bid to discourage frequent cancellations, and to encourage both drivers and passengers to respect each other’s time.

“With drivers, canceling affects their rating, which reduces their chances for incentives. On the other hand, as passengers, constant cancellations lead to drivers losing their chances at accepting other possible bookings, which lessen their income for the day,” the company says in its announcement.

Riders will now have to adhere to Grab’s updated cancellation policy:

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  1. Maximum of two cancellations in one hour
  2. Maximum of three cancellations in 24 hours
  3. Maximum of five cancellations in seven days

If you cancel more often than what the policy allows, Grab says you will be suspended from booking a ride for 23 hours upon reaching the limit. So, are you a choosy rider?

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PHOTO: Drei Laurel
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