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So it rained again today. Around this time of the year, we're used to getting drenched in sudden downpours. Because, you know, rainy season. Nothing new, right? No big deal.

Well, yeah, except we also have to deal with this one attendant problem that comes with torrents: traffic nightmare. Remember September 8, 2015, when the whole of Metro Manila practically ground to a halt? Expect that kind of metro-wide gridlock to happen again soon.

And you know why our road network gets paralyzed every time it rains hard? Because it floods, obviously. The kind of flooding that's impassable. Take the above photo, for instance. This was taken at around 6pm today at the Magallanes Interchange tunnel, on Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City. It was waist-deep, according to photo-sender Aries Christian Apolonio.

We want you to just look at this photograph very intently. Indulge us. Stare at the floating garbage. Pay attention to how filthy the water was. Notice the cyclist who had to carry his bike because our drainage system is always clogged. Marvel at the kids who made the place their own swimming pool. Done?

Now answer these:

* Do you throw litter out the window of your car when you're driving?

* Do you flick your cigarette butt on the street when you're done smoking?

* Do you ignore proper waste segregation implemented by your office or local government?

Yes? Then shame on you. You're part of the reason this photograph exists.


Vernon B. Sarne
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