Video: Watch the Drayson electric car set a land-speed record

For EVs as confirmed by the FIA
Jul 1, 2013


If you\'ve ever wondered what it\'s like to go flat-out in an electric car, this one is for you. It\'s a video of the two runs done by Drayson Racing\'s B12 69/EV electric Le Mans Prototype to set the FIA world land-speed record at 204.185mph (328.604kph).

While some noise generated by the car\'s electric motors can be heard at the start of its run, at speed the car is practically quiet with only the wind and road noise being heard inside the cockpit. Also, based on the on-screen graphic, the car supposedly even did 212mph (339kph) during its first run.

Does this now change your mind about how unexciting electric cars are?


If you\'re viewing this on a mobile device and can\'t see the video, please click here.


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