Why do MMDA traffic enforcers disappear during heavy downpours?

Could it also be pork barrel-related?
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Sep 12, 2013


The torrential downpour and the floods it caused were once again to blame for the horrendous traffic that afflicted Metro Manila last Tuesday. And as you may have noticed then, traffic enforcers were nowhere in sight just when the public needed them the most.

Well, at least for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, we found out why this was the case: They lack the necessary rain gear to operate in such weather conditions. This was revealed today by the agency\'s traffic discipline chief Francisco Manalo at the Usapan AAP forum hosted by the Automobile Association Philippines.

According to Manalo, the agency\'s budget isn\'t enough to provide for the ponchos, umbrellas and rain boots needed by its 1,400 traffic officers.

\"With constant use, these won\'t last three months,\" Manalo added. \"Fortunately, companies and organizations sometimes donate the equipment our enforcers badly need. Recently, a Filipino-Chinese organization donated 500 rain boots for our enforcers.\"

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It\'s sad to think that our taxes go to corrupt politicians and their accomplices instead of the government agencies that serve the public like the MMDA. If this continues, then perhaps the private sector should consider donating the equipment that the agency needs; after all, it\'s supposedly tax-deductible.

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