No price increase for newly launched Shell V-Power Nitro+ line

And other facts about these new fuel products
May 31, 2012

Shell fuel station

Shell Philippines is not implementing a price increase for its new line of V-Power Nitro+ fuel products. Shell launched the V-Power Nitro+ earlier this week, replacing Super Premium (now V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline), V-Power (now V-Power Nitro+ Racing) and V-Power Diesel (now V-Power Nitro+ Diesel).

People worried that Shell's fuel products might incur a price increase with the launch of the V-Power Nitro+ line, but Shell thankfully is keeping its current pricing.

Also, the octane ratings for the gasoline products have been retained, with the V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline still at 93 and the V-Power Nitro+ Racing still at 97.

As for the emissions standard, Shell says that the V-Power Nitro+ line is still Euro 2.

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