Peugeot reveals power, weight of Sebastien Loeb\'s Pikes Peak car

With a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1
Apr 29, 2013


Peugeot recently showed off what Sebastien Loeb\'s car for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge looks like. Now, the French carmaker has revealed what kind of power its 208 T16 packs under its outrageous--and lightweight--bodywork.

In hill-climb races, a car that uses a naturally aspirated engine is said to lose 1% of its available power for every 100m it climbs. In response, Peugeot Sport is giving the 208 T16 an 875hp bi-turbo V6 engine. Making this figure even more impressive is that it will power a car that weighs only 875kg--and that\'s with its all-wheel drive system thrown in.

\"As a result, we have achieved the magic and symbolic power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 (hp per kg),\" said Peugeot Sport engineer Jean-Christophe Pallier.

Impressed already?

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