Porsche launches another Panamera variant

Homage to the 904 Carrera GTS
Nov 18, 2011

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Porsche launches another Panamera variant

Porsche has unveiled another variant of the Panamera that pays homage to the legendary 904 Carrera GTS of the 1960s.

At Porsche, GTS stands for Gran Turismo Sport that, according to the German carmaker, means the Panamera GTS "promises extraordinary Porsche performance."

This is led by the naturally-aspirated 4.8-liter V8 engine, which has been modified to produce 430hp and 520Nm of torque, trumping the engine of the Panamera S and 4S models by 30hp and 20Nm. With the dual-clutch semi-auto Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) gearbox transmitting the power to the Panamera GTS's four wheels, it can run from zero to 100kph in under 4.5 seconds before it reaches its top speed of 288kph. Despite these figures, the car's combined New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) fuel mileage is claimed to be at 9.174 kilometers per liter.

Keeping the power of the Panamera GTS in check is the same superlative braking system used by the Panamera Turbo. The adaptive air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management connect the chassis and body, constantly regulating the leveling settings, adjusting height and spring rate, and electrically adjusting the damping system. Five-millimeter thick wheel spacers between the wheel and the wheel carriers also increase the rear axle track width, giving the Panamera GTS an even more stable ride.

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The Panamera GTS is set to go on sale globally in February 2012.


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