SHARE: Philippine Car News - Porsche sets new standards with its car configurator

As the all-new 911 prepares to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche is setting new standards on the Internet as well with its new Porsche Car Configurator.

Unlike a typical car configurator, Porsche's Car Configurator allows prospective buyers to design his or her own personal Porsche based on the options that are available to each model. The buyer can then view it from all sides and against different backgrounds in full-screen mode before ordering the bespoke Porsche directly from the dealer. Philippine Car News - Porsche sets new standards with its car configurator

Using a newly developed interactive 3D animation for the Porsche Car Configurator, the German carmaker allows its customers to picture exactly what their new 911 will look like, allowing the numerous equipment details of the customized 911 like interior trim, various sports seats or even the wheels to be depicted in a realistic way. A panoramic tour then enables the customers to examine their customized 911 from every angle.

So if you're shopping for a new Porsche or you're just daydreaming of buying one someday, check out the car configurator and play with it. Hearing how each and every Porsche model sounds is already a treat in itself.

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