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Lexus Manila marketing services officer Carlo Chungunco has furnished us with the final pricing for the soon-to-be-launched CT200h hybrid compact hatchback. According to Chungunco, the CT200h, which is scheduled to be introduced to our market on February 21, will come in two variants: the standard and the F-Sport. The standard model will be priced at P2,308,000, making it more expensive than the Toyota Prius, while the F-Sport version will cost P2,888,000.

Both the standard and the F-Sport CT200h have the same hybrid propulsion consisting of a 1.8-liter straight-four DOHC VVTi gasoline engine, a motor-type generator, and a nickel-metal hydride battery. The hybrid power source generates a collective 136hp. Where the F-Sport variant trumps the standard model is in the mechanical and cosmetic accessories. According to Chungunco, the F-Sport package for the CT200h includes "lateral performance dampers, cruise control, automatic windshield wipers, headlamp washers, LED low-beam headlamps, F-Sport 16-inch alloy wheels, F-Sport badges, F-Sport steering wheel, F-Sport front and rear bumpers, auto retract side mirrors with memory settings, power-operated driver's seat with memory settings, and leather bucket seats."

How do you find the pricing for the new Lexus CT200h? Do you think it's reasonable or a little too prohibitive? Will Lexus Manila hit its target of 40 units for this car in 2011? Take our poll below.

What are your thoughts about the pricing for the Lexus CT200h?
Great! The standard model will sell here
Buyers might as well go for the F-Sport
No, thanks. I'm getting the Prius instead
For that price, I'd rather get the IS300
Er, I'd just buy three Ford Fiesta hatchbacks

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