Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - By the numbers: Hyundai's second bid in the WRC

For four seasons, from 2000 to 2003, Hyundai competed in the World Rally Championship with its Accent WRC rally car. Budget constraints, however, ended the Korean carmaker's participation in the series, as it only competed in 10 of the 14 races in the 2003 season.

Well, Hyundai is back now, supposedly for the long run, and it apparently made sure its return will be competitive from the first race in Monte Carlo in January 2014 and onward. So we share with you the numerous figures that matter as Hyundai Motorsport prepared the i20 WRC for the 2014 season:

33,500 - Number of kilometers run by the team's service truck;

* 8,000 - Bottles of water consumed by the test team;

6,900 - Number of kilometers run by the i20 WRC test cars;

4,700 - Liters of fuel consumed for the test sessions;

2,200 and 150 - The highest and lowest altitudes, in meters, the i20 WRC test cars were run in;

320 - Number of tires used by the i20 WRC test cars;

55 - Total number of test days;

24 - Excluding the test drivers, the number of team members throughout the test sessions;

12 - Number of support vehicles used for each test session;

3 - Number of chassis used by the test team;

3 - Number of drivers (Juho Hanninen, Bryan Bouffier and Chris Atkinson) that drove the i20 WRC test cars; and

3 - Number of GoPro cameras run over by the i20 WRC test cars


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