The Ford GT will race final Le Mans 24 Hours in retro liveries

The Le Mans 24 Hours celebrates the anniversary of Ford’s first Le Mans victory
by Stephen Dobie | May 30, 2019

Next month, the Ford GT will race at its final Le Mans 24 Hours. A program launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford’s original Le Mans victory will close after four years.

It’s going out on a high, too, thanks to everyone’s favorite kind of racecar livery. The retro racecar livery.

Ford Chip Ganassi’s four official entries will be run in the colors pictured above, all of which naturally have a story to tell.

We’ll go left to right, which helpfully takes us up in numerical order, too. Car number 66 is painted the same black and white as that iconic GT40 which took victory in 1966, courtesy of the late Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren. You can hear the inside story from Amon here.

Car number 67, neatly, celebrates Ford’s slightly less famous 1967 victory at Le Mans and is painted the same red and white colors as the car Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt took the checkered flag in. With two Brits on its teamAndy Priaulx and Harry Tincknellthis is the car for the patriotic among you to follow most keenly.

The rather familiar looking red, white and blue #68 car wears the same livery the Ford GT has since 2016, and thus celebrates the GTE Pro class victory the car enjoyed on that 50th anniversary a few years ago. Finally, car number 69 is inspired by the GT40 that finished second in Ford’s memorable 1-2-3 finish back in 1966.

Right, time to pick a favorite. Which livery’s for you? We’ve bagged #66, by the way.

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