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Netflix’s ‘Schumacher’ looks like a must-watch for Formula 1 fans

Releasing on the service in September
PHOTO: Netflix

If, like us, you’ve been stuck at home for the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very likely you’ve exhausted all of the motorsport films and documentaries on Netflix by now. Yes, the service’s library is incredibly extensive—but come on, it’s been a year and a half already.

Looking for something new to watch? If you’re a Formula 1 fan, Netflix has something very special in store for you come September.

The streaming service’s Michael Schumacher documentary, aptly named Schumacher, will be available for viewing come September 15, and should give motorsport fans their most personal look at the racing great’s life yet.

This is a big deal not just for his fans, but for Schumacher’s family and friends, too. Schumacher is, so far, the only documentary to be supported by the Formula 1 legend’s family, and it will feature interviews with his wife Corrina and his children, as well as Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel, Mika Häkkinen, and David Coulthard, among others. That’s quite a lineup.

“Michael Schumacher has redefined the professional image of a racing driver and has set new standards. In his quest for perfection, he spared neither himself nor his team, driving them to the greatest successes. He is admired all over the world for his leadership qualities,” Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager, said in a statement.

“He found the strength for this task and the balance to recharge at home, with his family, whom he loves idolatrously. In order to preserve his private sphere as a source of strength, he has always rigorously and consistently separated his private from his public life. This film tells of both worlds. It is his family's gift to their beloved husband and father.”

By the sound of it, this is going to be a watch that’ll be as exciting as it will be emotional. Anyone else here adding this to their ‘to watch’ list?

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PHOTO: Netflix
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