This is the kind of boring Sebastian Vettel has made of Formula 1

Breaking Michael Schumacher\'s record
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 18, 2013


This 2013 season of Formula 1 may go down as one of the most boring--if not the most insipid--series in the sport\'s history. If you think the 2004 season was incredibly dull because Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher won 13 of 18 grands prix, the current one feels even more so. Yes, Schumacher at one point won seven consecutive races at the time (on top of his season-opening five straight victories), but Red Bull Racing\'s Sebastian Vettel erased that record at the just-concluded United States Grand Prix.

In winning the race in Austin, Texas, Vettel bagged his eighth consecutive win, breaking a previous tie with compatriot Schumacher and Italian race driver Alberto Ascari, who also won seven straight for Ferrari in the early \'50s (last six races of the 1952 season and the opening race in 1953).

That means Vettel hasn\'t lost a race since August 25 in Belgium. He also won in Italy, Singapore, Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi and the above-mentioned US. This streak is on top of triumphs in Malaysia, Bahrain, Canada and Germany earlier in the season. In total, he already has 12 GP wins this year (the record is Schumacher\'s 13).

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And remember that Vettel had sealed his fourth championship as early as the Indian Grand Prix on October 27, making the last three races of the season virtually meaningless. (There\'s one last snoozefest in Brazil this coming Sunday, November 24, in case your life sucks so much it can\'t offer you anything better to do.)

No wonder even the most hardcore F1 fan has stayed away from the TV set come race day. We\'re so sick of Sebastian Vettel that we\'re refusing to show his entire face for this piece.

If you share this sentiment and want more of the subject, grab a copy of our November 2013 issue. We have a story there titled \"Why We Hate Sebastian Vettel.\" You know what to expect, haters.



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