Video: We chat with the first winner of Nissan GT Academy and learn his story

How did he do it?
by Elaine Lara | Jul 26, 2016

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In 2008, Lucas Ordoñez was in MBA school when he saw an advertisement for the Nissan GT Academy, a virtual-to-reality racing competition. "I was dreaming of becoming a race car driver," shared the Spaniard, who had been karting for three years before quitting the sport to focus on his studies. "I tried to become one in many ways, but no success."

So that year, he gave the Japanese carmaker's program a shot. The rest, as they say, is history. Ordoñez went on to win the first-ever Nissan GT Academy, and he started driving real race cars and racing in the most challenging tracks around the world. To date, Lucas has already competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Dubai 24 Hours and the Japanese Super GT.

The racing driver recently graced the launch of the second season of the Nissan GT Academy in the Philippines, and we got the chance to chat with him. His advice for aspiring race car drivers? "Keep playing and playing Gran Turismo. But also, don’t just play on the PlayStation. You have to be fit, and be strong physically and mentally. You have to be ready for the big changes in your life."

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If you want to get to know Lucas more, watch the video.


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