Want to join Vios Cup next year? Here\'s what you need to shell out

It\'s not that expensive
by Vernon B. Sarne | Sep 20, 2013


You already know that Toyota Motor Philippines is holding the Vios Cup one-make race next year, with a promotional event featuring celebrities and journalists taking place next month. The actual series next year is open to regular folks who simply want to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing. The big question is: How much will it cost you to join the series?

First things first: You need to buy the race-prepped Vios OMR (one-make race) car for P1,195,000. Is the price reasonable? Well, consider: The price of a stock Vios 1.5G MT is P812,000. Now, TMP says the total cost of the racing parts is around P700,000. So, technically, you should be shelling out some P1.5 million. TMP is offering a significant discount so that participation in the series will be more affordable for the drivers.

Toyota hasn\'t released an official list of the racing parts to be added to the Vios, but some of the sponsors (seen via the decals) should give us an idea: TRD, Yokohama and Rota.

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The cars will be released to the participants in base white exterior paint. The participants can then design their own racing livery, with the only requirement being that the sponsor logos be stuck on the car.

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TMP marketing vice president Sherwin Chualim shared that participants also need to pay extra for miscellaneous items such as training and racing gear. He revealed that Toyota expects to hand over the units to the participants in January next year, with the race possibly taking place in March.

A maximum of 35 participants can be accommodated in the series, as 35 cars is the maximum capacity of Clark International Speedway\'s starting grid.

So, you think you have the makings of a Sebastien Loeb or a Danica Patrick? We challenge you to join the Vios Cup. TMP will start accepting applications next month. We\'ll keep you posted.

Photo by Raynand Olarte

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