What the Vios Cup drivers have to say about the weight-handicap rule

In time for this weekend's race
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Sep 4, 2015

The results of the second leg of the 2015 Toyota Vios Cup held in Cebu shook things up in a big way, so we walked the pit lane after the race to ask the drivers about the results and how the weight-handicap rule would affect the series. In a nutshell, series rules dictate that winners get weight penalties for the next race--an attempt to somewhat even out the field and make the race more competitive.


Andres Calma

Leg 2 Sporting Class winner Andres Calma, on the 60kg handicap his car will carry into the next round: "I will practice with the handicap already and keep working hard. I will try to get faster."


Pauland Dumlao

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Leg 1 Sporting Class winner Pauland Dumlao, who had to carry a weight handicap in the second leg: "We have to prepare and make bawi sa points. The surface of the track couldn't handle the added weight of my car. I had to brake very light. At 50% braking, my car slid. So, I was the only one who had a different racing line from the other drivers. I really felt the handicap. Pero next round, less handicap na ako. The wins were spread out to different drivers this round, so hopefully next race we are equal again. Bakbakan ulit."


Luis Gono

Luis Gono, 2014 Vios Cup champion: "It was a good day [in Cebu] because we learned a lot of things. If you go wide a bit, somebody will try to pass. I can't ever let my guard down. I finished in fifth and sixth today. In my mind, I am setting up for the next round, so the best option is to not have any ballast there, because it will be a crucial race. And everyone is going to be watching!"

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Sam YG

Leg 2 Promotional Class winner Sam YG: "It feels really good. Actually, nakakakilig. It feels better than having a love life! My secret is the vitamins I put in my gas tank. And I kept in mind that the girlaloos were watching. But seriously, it was just focus. I kept my mind on the race and I didn't overdrive. It's easy to get gigil at times. It is also about driving smart."

Watch these guys race live on the streets of SM Mall of Asia this weekend, September 5-6. See you all there!

Photos by Paulo Rafael Subido and Mark Jesalva


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