Schumacher signs long-term partnership with Mercedes-Benz

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Apr 15, 2013
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As further proof that Michael Schumacher has really left behind his years with Ferrari--the team that gave him five of his seven titles in Formula 1--the German racing driver has signed a long-term partnership with Mercedes-Benz--the brand that supported both his early years in motorsports and his recent three-year dalliance with F1 after coming out of retirement in 2010.

"The future interests me much more than the present and the past," said Schumacher in a statement. "During my Formula 1 time, I always believed that you must not allow yourself to rest on your laurels, but that you must continuously try to improve. In so doing, I was very often able to rely on the help of all the technologies available to me in the car and use them to my advantage. That is why I am a declared supporter of driving assistance systems both in the racing car and in the road-going car."

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Besides serving as an ambassador in his new role with Mercedes-Benz, Schumacher will also be involved in further developing the company's "Intelligent Drive" safety and comfort systems.

"We are proud that Michael Schumacher, the most successful and best-known racing driver in the world, is again joining us as our partner," said Mercedes-Benz executive vice president for sales and marketing Joachim Schmidt. "Right from the time when he was a Mercedes-Benz junior and of course in the last three years as a driver in our Formula 1 team, Michael has always been committed to our company's projects. This is why it is only logical for both sides to pool their expertise and know-how, and to use them, for instance, for enhancing driver assistance systems and thus improve road safety within a partnership."

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