Study reveals green tires top hybrid, start/stop systems

In terms of how fast initial investment is recouped
Nov 8, 2012 Philippine Car News - Report reveals green tires top hybrid, start/stop systems

While buyers now take into account environment-friendly and energy-efficient systems when purchasing a new car--like automatic start/stop technology and hybrid engines--a study has determined that using environment-friendly tires is the fastest way to achieve a "green return" or the point at which the initial financial and environmental costs of green vehicle technologies are recouped.

Conducted by the Technical University of Munich, the study shows that green tires deliver a financial return that's three times quicker than that of the automatic start/stop system and five times quicker than that of hybrid engines. The study also showed that the amount of carbon saved per pound (roughly P65) spent on green tires is 35 percent greater than on start/stop technologies and 62 percent greater than on hybrid engines.

The study also highlights the fact that green tires can be used on all cars, while stop/start technologies and hybrid engines can only be specified on new vehicles, thereby increasing the number of motorists who can benefit from the former.

"It is quite amazing that so many people are spending tens of thousands on new low-emission vehicles when comparable benefits can be achieved by spending an additional £15 (nearly P1,000) to £30 (nearly 2,000) per corner on greener tires," said Lanxess's managing director for the United Kingdom, Kim O'Connor. Lanxess is a German-based chemical company with interests in the specialty chemicals and synthetic rubber industries. "If more people understood that green tires could improve fuel consumption by up to seven percent, reduce annual fuel bills by hundreds of pounds, and cut carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 1kg every 100km, I think there would be a rapid shift in motorists' buying behavior."

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