Study reveals most important in-car features for car buyers

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Aug 24, 2010

Car buyers believe the air conditioning system is the most valuable in-car accessory among many built-in features in vehicles sold today.

A study conducted by, a classifieds website, showed 81 percent of customers believe this feature is a very essential in-car component.

"Our survey shows that motorists value practical features the most," Exchange and Mart marketing communications manager Michael Tang said in a statement. "When we asked respondents to name the essential items, air conditioning was the clear winner with 81 percent agreeing, followed by alarms and immobilisers with 68 percent."

Other important features customers find necessary in their cars include hands-free mobile phone kits, MP3 player kits, and parking sensors.

In-car TV and DVD players are not so popular with only 9 percent of the survey respondents saying these add-ons are needed.

These results came from a survey conducted in the UK. Considering the weather in the Philippines, would you say the same thing about the necessity of air conditioning units? What other in-car features are on top of your list when buying a new car? Share your thoughts using our comment box below.

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