Team Hot Wheels sets corkscrew-jump world record

What stunt will they do next?
Sep 15, 2012 Philippine Car News - Team Hot Wheels set corkscrew jump world record

Team Hot Wheels successfully pulled off a "corkscrew jump" using a car recently, giving the American toymaker its third world record in 18 months after its stunt drivers had successfully completed the longest jump and double loop jump last July in a four-wheeled vehicle.

For the corkscrew jump, Hot Wheels put stunt driver Brent Fletcher behind the wheel of a customized buggy. Driving at a pre-calculated speed of 87kph, Fletcher sped off the split-level ramp, which allowed the car to rotate through the air at a rate of 230 degrees per second before landing on another ramp 92ft away.

What stunt should Team Hot Wheels do next?


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