Audi's traffic light recognition system ready to go into production

Beating traffic jams to become more high-tech
Mar 19, 2014
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Audi has been developing a system that seeks to improve a driver's daily commute by integrating with a city's traffic light network, "which could make driving through towns and cities far more fluid and free of annoying and economy-denting red-light punctuation."

Audi's online traffic light information technology utilizes an in-car Internet network to establish a link between the vehicle and the traffic light network of a city or town’s central traffic computer. Once it's connected to the traffic light network and the vehicle is in the vicinity of a set of traffic lights, the driver information system located in the central instrument cluster shows the driver the speed needed to pass through the light during a green phase.

If the driver is already waiting at a red light, the system will calculate and count down the time remaining until the next green light is scheduled to appear via a timer on the display. Furthermore, the system also interacts with the car's start/stop function to ensure that the engine is switched on five seconds before the light turns green.

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According to Audi, its online traffic light interaction "has the potential to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by up to 15% and could save approximately 900 million liters of fuel."

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The German carmaker added that the system in ready to go into production "and could be fitted onto every Audi model in the range subject to the necessary government legislation."

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