Cars may soon behave based on their driver's stress levels

If Daimler's hackers had their way
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Apr 11, 2016

Mercedes-Benz hackathon

We all know the link between traffic and stress--that horrendous traffic jams on a regular basis can dramatically raise a person’s tension levels. But can anything be done about it?

While Daimler, the German company that owns Mercedes-Benz, can’t exactly solve the gridlock we all face just yet, it may just have a way to help ease the stress that it causes--among other mobility hazards. A recent event showcased the innovative ideas of some of Germany’s brightest young minds, as they came up with a few simple yet cutting-edge solutions to our transportation issues.

The idea was to “hack” their brains to eke out solutions within a span of 24 hours. The group called Interceptor focused on the following theme: "Infotainment can be great, infotainment can be dangerous." Their system measures a driver’s stress levels while on the road. Should it detect an increased stress rate, all calls and text messages will be kept at bay until such time that the driver has calmed down and is ready to be 'bothered' or distracted once again. This aims to reduce the number of road mishaps caused by seemingly simple yet dangerous distractions such as text messages.

Another unique driving solution was put forward by team Life Guard. Its idea was to provide the appropriate measures in the event that the driver’s vital signs are not at their optimum performance level. In the event of drowsiness, for example, necessary steps or even alternate routes will be undertaken to ensure safety.

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Meanwhile, team Road Joy bagged third place for its take on how to implement the needed driving behavior based on the driver's and the co-driver’s stress levels and vital signs. Again, this is aimed at providing the utmost safety while on the move.

Since 2011, Daimler has been picking the brains of young students in order to come up with innovative mobility solutions. And it makes perfect sense, as they are the future drivers who will eventually be piloting the vehicles of tomorrow. Hopefully, we get to see these ideas become a reality soon. Because if we can’t beat the traffic, then at least let’s make it bearable.


Mercedes-Benz hackathon

Mercedes-Benz hackathon

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