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The PH could really use this car-to-bike safety tech from Ducati

It would make sharing the road a lot easier
PHOTO: Ducati

In a country like ours where everyone is in a rush to get ahead, it can be really difficult to share the road. Ducati, in partnership with Ford and Audi, is attempting to address that problem through technology.

At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, the Italian motorcycle brand exhibited its car-to-motorcycle (dubbed C-V2X) technology by showcasing how vehicles equipped with its microchip interact and give way accordingly at an intersection. Beyond that, C-V2X also addresses vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-pedestrian, and vehicle-to-infrastructure scenarios. 

“This demonstration is showing use cases in which advanced technologies can significantly improve the safety of motorcycle users,” said Pierluigi Zampieri, vehicle innovation manager for Ducati. “C-V2X communication is one of the key projects of the Ducati 2025 safety road map. There’s no better place than CES to talk about our roadmap towards the future.”

With the three brands putting their resources together in an effort to accelerate commercial development, we could be seeing this kind of tech in our vehicles in the near future. Do you think it would better help motorists to better share the road? Let us know in the comments. 

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PHOTO: Ducati
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