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Google Maps Your Timeline

To say that we live in a time that loves to document everything we do is a gross understatement. Social-media sites have now made it possible to record precious moments and share these very experiences with the rest of the world.

Now Google Maps, one of the most popular and best direction apps we have, has just made it possible to look back at where you’ve been without having to dig too deep. The California-based tech giant has just rolled out Your Timeline, a new feature of Google Maps that allows users to recall and view each and every place they’ve visited. If you used the app to see how you found your way to a friend’s house in Fairview, say, on January 23, 2012, Google Maps would most likely have it in its memory bank.

Now, you can easily view the log and every tiny detail that is attached to it. You can see what route you took to get to Tagaytay, how long you stayed, where you checked in, and maybe even who you were with. You can even view whether you got there by car or by bus. If you took pictures, Google Photos will likewise display them as well. It’s practically your life being flashed before your eyes, via your mobile device or desktop computer. It takes the usual direction finder experience that many motorists have been using for more than a few years now, and adds a whole lot of memories to the whole thing. It is a map and a journal rolled into one.

And that’s the beauty of the whole system. If you’re bad at directions and have an even worse memory, but want to redo that road trip, Google Maps won’t just find the place for you, it will also remember where the location is. It will be much easier to go back next time around since you can simply view where it is and how to get there--along with some other unforgettable details. The app will bring it all back!


But even if you do have the memory of an elephant, wouldn’t it be great to look back at those scenic routes every now and then? It will make planning the daily commute or the weekend fun run a blast. You can get ideas and try a different road to Batangas next time around.

Don’t worry, though, about your wife finding out about your naughty exploits (not that we encourage this sort of behavior). Your Timeline is private and can only be seen by you (and whoever you choose to show it to, of course). Moreover, you can control what you put in. You can delete locations, dates or entire entries. And you can change privacy settings easily.

While the Location History feature has been a part of Google Maps for quite some time now, Your Timeline simply makes it easier to call these up and remember that special day, memorable place, or awesome road-trip destination and route for as often as you wish. It’s a great way to show the world your misadventures. As for those exploits, best to behave so you won’t need to keep deleting them every time you drive home.

Google Maps' Your Timeline is now available for your desktop, and is being rolled out for Android devices. It’s a great way to recall those memories, don’t you think? Plus, it would likewise help you relive them whenever you wish to drive back to that picturesque beach. Coolness!


Google Maps Your Timeline

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