BMW's upcoming security system lets you monitor your car via phone

A leap forward in car security
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Aug 30, 2016

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No modern car would be complete without some sort of anti-theft device. Whether it’s a simple steering wheel lock or a sophisticated alarm system, these security features allow car owners to rest easy when leaving their beloved rides parked outside the safety of their own, personal garages.

With that in mind, BMW wants to up the ante with its upcoming 5-Series by equipping the lineup with the company's Remote 3D View. The security feature allows owners to keep an eye on their ride and its surroundings via a bird's eye view on their mobile phone. Needless to say, it will alert the driver of any untoward incident taking place.

Outside of the short video you see above, no other details regarding the system have been released. With an alarm system like this though, you can be sure the German carmaker has packed the car with a ton of other neat features as well. We'd expect no less from the segment benchmark of driving pleasure.

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