Stephen Colbert is the newest voice of Waze

We're smiling just thinking about it
by Drei Laurel | Sep 4, 2015

Stephen Colbert Waze commercial

Don’t you just hate it when a lousy navigator rides shotgun? It's difficult enough to deal with when he's getting you lost after every turn and boring you to sleep behind the wheel, and even worse when he's the one dozing off himself, leaving you to navigate the twists and turns of an unfamiliar area all by your lonesome. While Waze has got the navigation pretty much covered, it still gets somewhat dull taking cues from a computer, which is why the app is pleased to announce that it has the perfect solution--and it comes in the buttery-smooth late-night comedy musings of Stephen Colbert himself.

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Yes, that's right. The all-familiar, all-political comedy veteran and host of The Colbert Report is ready to guide you toward your destination--provided you can deal with such quips as, "Ugh, traffic, my least favorite kind of jam." We certainly hope that Colbert has a lot more wisecracks up his sleeve.

You know what would have made for some good material? Maybe if we took Colbert for an actual spin around the streets of Manila! He'd leave with a ridiculous amount of joke ideas for his next Waze recording. Watch the video below.


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