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How can "HIR N ME! WER N U?" hurt or even kill you?

A study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed text messaging keeps a driver's eyes off of the road for 4.6 seconds over a six-second period.

This moment of distraction raises the driver's risk of being involved in an accident by 23 percent compared to when he is driving without distraction.

The Virginia Tech study said texting takes away the driver's eyes off the road the longest compared with other activities like dialing or talking and listening over the cellular phone while driving.

Although no local study has been made to correlate the dangers of text messaging while driving, Philippine lawmakers have already taken the measures to discourage it.

At the House of Representatives, the transportation committee has approved a bill banning the use of cell phones by motorists while driving to prevent road accidents.

At the Senate, Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. filed a bill that calls for drivers to avoid using a mobile phone while driving. Revilla, who is Suzuki Philippines' road safety advocate, also required drivers to use hands-free accessories when making calls using a mobile phone.

Need visual reminders? Check out the videos below.

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