The case of the low Audi A3 price estimate in our Roll-Out Issue

The project editor explains

2013 Roll-Out Issue erratum

They say that Persian weavers intentionally incorporated mistakes into the carpets they made, so as not to offend their god. They believed only their god could be perfect. But we’re not Persian (or Iranian), and we don’t make carpets. So there is no excuse for the error that several eagle-eyed readers noticed with regard to the pricing of the Audi A3 in our 2013 Roll-Out Issue.

In the special issue, we published a price range estimate of "P700,000 to P870,000." This, obviously, is an error, because no matter what kind of discounts PGA Cars offers to its customers, an A3 will never sell at the same price as a Honda Jazz. The correct price range should be P2,700,000 to P2,870,000. We won’t bore you with how we compute for the price range of a car that's not yet in our market--a process that takes into consideration the price of the car abroad, local tariffs, and a dash of gut feel.

As project editor, I personally apologize for this gaffe. Somewhere in the late nights of editing, researching and checking the data for 71 cars, that important piece of information slipped through. I’m sorry for getting your hopes up at the idea of owning a car as cool as the Audi A3. This is a reminder for me to be even more thorough in the future when it comes to facts.

Furthermore, I leave you with an update on the A3. I just learned from a source that because of strong demand in Europe, the A3's Philippine introduction might be pushed to next year. This is also an indication of the unpredictable nature of the car business.

Thank you for purchasing this year's Roll-Out Issue, mistake and all. I hope it will still give you hours of browsing pleasure. Happy reading!

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