Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Toyota tweets teaser photo of the next-generation Camry

Last July, Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda teased us with a glimpse of the next-generation Camry's headlight in a video. Today, the Japanese carmaker is teasing us again.

If the video showed Toyoda gesturing toward the next-generation Camry's right headlight, Toyota released through its Twitter account today a photo of…the car's left headlight. Okay, the car's left headlight, the left corner of the front bumper and a lone foglamp.

We think the headlight's shape and the surrounding angles hints at the next-generation Camry sporting an angular design as opposed to the current-generation's slab-sided, concave and convex surfaces.

Does the latest teaser of the Camry do more for you now? Let us know what you think of it by posting your comment.

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