Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Video shows Ford subjecting the next-generation Ranger to durability tests

Ford is obviously eager to show the capabilities of the next-generation Ranger. After showing off its impressive pulling power last January, the American carmaker is now letting us in on the kinds of durability tests the truck has gone through.

According to Ford, prototypes of the next-generation Ranger have been run for over 24 hours and have accumulated more than one million kilometers in it to ensure that its future owners "get a very robust product," said Patrick Fitzgerald, manager of Ford Australia's proving ground where the Ranger was primarily developed.

Fitzgerald then enumerated the kinds of tests the Ranger has gone through. Besides the now-famous towing test, it has also gone through structural, powertrain, suspension and high-speed tests to ensure that the next-generation Ranger can cope with the harsh demands and expectations of its owners.

Check out the video below to see what the Ranger went through.

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