Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Watch how Subaru debuted the all-new Forester in Japan

Projection or video mapping seems to be the rage for car launches nowadays. You've probably seen Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' use of the technology at the Mirage launch last week. If you weren't there to see it live, we posted a video earlier today.

Well, it seems Subaru also made use of video mapping during the world premiere of the all-new Forester last week. While it wasn't so grandiose as to require the facade of an entire building, it did look a little more refined with the animation being rendered more crisply.

We can't help but think that more Philippine-market carmakers and distributors will make use of this video-mapping technology for their car launches in the days to come. Does this mean it's goodbye to the old-fashioned song-and-dance number routines of car launches of yore?


If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.

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