Website offers one-stop shop for supercar lovers

Too good to be true?
Nov 14, 2010
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Thirty-three supercars with only factory driven mileage up for sale

It’s not often that a supercar goes on sale with only the factory-driven mileage displayed on its odometer--but it’s not necessarily unusual. Now, for a collection of supercars that mostly has just that reflected on their odometers--that’s simply unbelievable.

There’s a website, however, that claims being a one-stop shop for rare supercar finds. says it has 25 Ferraris posted for sale along with three Lamborghinis, two Porsches, one Jaguar and two other cars most have probably might not have even heard of.

According to the site, the cars were bought and delivered from the manufacturers brand-new and have since been stored in a private garage in New Zealand. Most bear only the original factory delivery mileage on the odometers.

Making the collection even more priceless is that some of the cars are limited-edition models. Here’s a classic example: a right-hand-drive 1995 Lamborghini Diablo SE 30th Anniversary. Note that of the 150 units produced with this label, only 12 are right-hand-drive.

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So if you’ve always wanted to compare a factory-fresh Ferrari Enzo against its similarly pristine predecessor, the Ferrari F50, or if you want to buy a mint condition Ferrari F40, the last ever Ferrari to be commissioned by Enzo Ferrari himself, it’s time to check out the website.

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