Next-level vehicle customization
Fitting vehicles with decorative lighting is nothing new. Remember the 2000s? Yeah, no video game ride during that era was complete without something glowing under the hood or underbody. Slapping LEDs on brake calipers, however? Now that's something we haven't
Along with other new online portals
Getting your hands on quality brake products will now be a lot more convenient. Brembo and its official Philippine distributor, AutoPerformance PH, have announced new moves to expand their presence online.Now, the two companies have four online platforms customers can turn
This clean, shiny disc looks sexy as heck
Brakes aren't really what one first looks at when checking out a car, but Brembo just keeps making stylish ones anyway. We can't complain when we've seen the manufacturer roll out quite some flashy stuff over the years. Who
The team behind Brembo PH is sharing content for gearheads via Facebook daily
We're already a month into the Luzon-wide quarantine thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet it feels like we're nowhere near the end of it yet.We're all slowly scratching our way through our respective lists of
These guys put the big in big bikes
The bigger, the better. The more, the merrier. We're guessing these were the mantras of the Brits at the Triumph headquarters when they designed the gargantuan Rocket 3 TFC-a revamped superbike packing a bigger engine with so much more power.
Argyle, camo, leopard print, and more. Oh, man...
When your business is built on brakes and you're already a market leader, it can be difficult to remain in the news and attract attention. Brembo managed it more than 25 years ago when it introduced the red caliper, but since
Its first race is in June
A new player has entered the Philippine racing scene, as AutoPerformance Motorsport's team-composed of manager EZ Ligaya, chief engineer Jun Magno, and racers SJ Park, Stefan Ramirez, Francis Aguila, Enrique Hormillo and George Apacible-was introduced over the weekend during
Moto Morini enters PH market
If the superstition that says rains bring in good luck is to be believed, then Bikerbox, Inc. will likely be flooded with blessings in the near future. Amid heavy downpour, it unveiled three Moto Morini motorcycles, the 11 ½, the Scrambler, and the
1st episode of The Workshop Online
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.In the interest of safety, you should never take car maintenance for granted. Do you know if your braking system needs checking? How do
Some good news for the racing community for once
Car guys can rejoice because Brembo is now officially available in the Philippines through AutoPerformance Ph, the brand\'s authorized local distributor. During Brembo\'s recent launch at the distributor\'s office, it was also announced that the brand had already jumped
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